Best Kept Secret

“Best Kept Secret”, is a exciting new CD from “Avana”, a gifted singer, entertainer with a soulful style, of a cool refreshing kind of blues, that covers real topics yet maintains a danceable feel. Las Vegas, Nevada based Avana is a favorite among hometown music lovers, musicians, music producers and DJ’s. Domestic and internationally she unleashes a captivating stage performance with remarkable vocals. Avana presents ten original tracks on the “Best Kept Secret” CD.

The great songs on this new release have good tempo and fun, simple sing along hooks. Our favorite new songs include Avana’s current single “Patron” a bluesy r&b party song of 3 minutes and 28 seconds with 98bpm, of pure profound dance groove! “I Got’Cho Back” is a soulful dance track featuring “Larry Waller”, Nevad’s premiere saxophonist. “Texting My Baby” a blues treat featuring “Byron Bordeaux”, guitarist for legends “Sly Stone” and “Bobby Womack”. “U Got What I Love” her nostalgic Ballad. Begin downloading now and enjoy Avana!

So take a listen to all the song samples here on this website for your enjoyment. The songs that you like you can download individually for .99 or download the whole CD project for 7.99 USD. All songs are in high quality MP3 format.


Best Kept Secret CD (Price $7.99)


01. Patron (Price $0.99)

[audio:|titles=01 Patron]


02. 69 (Price $0.99)

[audio:|titles=02 69]


03. Money Can’t Buy U Everything (Price $0.99)

[audio:|titles=03 Money Can’t Buy U Everything]


04. U Got What I Love (Price $0.99)

[audio:|titles=04. U Got What I Love]


05. I Got’cho Back (Price $0.99)

[audio:|titles=05. I Got’cho Back]


06. Your Touch, Your Love . Step Remix (Price $0.99)

[audio:|titles=06. Your Touch, Your Love . Step Remix]


07. Clue (Price $0.99)

[audio:|titles=07. Clue]


08. Bad Boy (Price $0.99)

[audio:|titles=08. Bad Boy]


09. Texting My Baby (Price $0.99)

[audio:|titles=09. Texting My Baby]


10. 69 . Lust Jazz (Price $0.99)

[audio:|titles=10. 69 . Lust Jazz]


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